General Information

Every student is assigned a locker at the beginning of the year. Students who forget their combinations or cannot open their lockers, should ask the day custodian (James Whiteley) or Student Intervention Assistants (Joe Cruz and James Gibson) to help. Students should not leave valuable items in their lockers. Students are allowed to decorate their lockers with posters and non-permanent decorations. Lockers are school property and are subject to search.

Cell Phones and Electronic Devices:
Since the campus does not have pay phones, students are allowed to have cell phones and other electronic devices. However, these devices are not to interfere with classroom instruction and will be confiscated if used during class time. Confiscated items are turned in to the SIA offices and are released to parents on the first offense.

Dress Code:
Students are given a great deal of freedom with their wardrobe selections since clothing is an expression of individuality. However, certain items of clothing are considered inappropriate for a school environment and are not allowed, such as:

  1. Items that feature beer, drug or tobacco slogans or symbols
  2. Items that feature discriminatory or prejudiced slogans or symbols
  3. Items that promote violence through slogans or symbols
  4. Items or accessories that can be used as weapons such as long chains, spiked chokers, oversized rings
  5. Items that are strapless, feature spaghetti or thin straps, or show midriff
  6. Items that are too short such as micro mini skirts, short shorts (Daisy Dukes)
  7. Pants/items that "sag" or show underwear

Violators are asked to change into something else or to cover up with a jacket/sweater. Repeat violators will be assigned detention.

Whitney High School adheres to the California Ed Code and ABC Unified's policies concerning student behavior.

California Ed Code section 48900 outlines reasons for suspension and expulsion. Suspension means that a student loses the right to attend classes and participate in school activities for the period of the suspension. All student privileges are "suspended." Expulsion means that the student's case is reviewed by an expulsion panel and s/he is no longer allowed to attend any school within the ABC Unified School District for a period of one semester up to one year.

Students are expected to follow certain behavioral guidelines while on campus or attending school related activities. These include:

  1. Students are expected to attend all classes daily and should be on time to class. The bell schedule is on the back of the student day planner and bells ring to signal the beginning and ending of each class and breaks. Teachers may assign detentions and/or Saturday School for students who are late according to their classroom expectations outlined in the syllabus.
  2. Students are expected to observe academic honesty in all cases. Cheating on homework, daily work, projects, or tests results in an automatic zero on the assignment and a Saturday School. The infraction is also placed on the student's permanent record and can impact a student's eligibility for certain colleges.
  3. Students are expected to be respectful of school property and of each other's belongings. Students who graffiti, steal school or personal property, intentionally misuse equipment, and/or break equipment due to negligence will be required to replace the items or pay for the damage. They may also lose their permit to continue attending WHS.
  4. Students are expected to be respectful of each other and of staff members. Students who bully, name call, harass, threaten, intentionally provoke other students will be required to sign a behavior contract, serve a Saturday School, may be suspended for up to 5 days, and will lose their permit if the misbehavior continues. Students involved in fighting will be required to sign a behavior contract, serve a Saturday School, may be suspended for up to 5 days, and will lost their permit if the misbehavior continues. Students who threaten physical harm or physically attempt to harm a staff member will automatically be suspended and recommended for expulsion from the district.
  5. Students are expected to remain on campus during school hours as reflected by their class programs/schedules. WHS is a closed campus and so students who leave campus without official prior permission and/or an outside pass issued from the Attendance Office, will be required to serve a detention or Saturday School and may lose their senior privileges.
  6. Students who drive to school are expected to observe speed limits and all California driving laws. Students who drive too fast in the parking lot or who drive dangerously on or in the immediate area around campus will lose their campus parking space, will serve Saturday School, and their parents will be contacted.
  7. Drugs and alcohol use is strictly prohibited while on campus or attending a school-related event. Students who are suspected of drug or alcohol use are subject to search. Violators will be suspended and possibly arrested. Parents are automatically contacted. Privileges such as dances are denied.
  8. Students are expected to eat at the picnic tables or other designated areas (tiled classrooms or the multipurpose room). To protect the carpet and prevent pests, students should not eat or drink in carpeted areas such as the hallways. Violators receive a warning and then a detention.

WHS has a progressive discipline program. Students who do not follow the rules will be required to serve detention or Saturday School. Detention is one hour long, twice per week before and after school. Students who owe detentions receive a slip that explains the reason for the detention. Students have one week to serve the detention. If a student does not serve the detention within the week, the student is assigned Saturday School.

Saturday School is held on designated Saturdays from 8:00am - 12:00pm. Students assigned to Saturday School receive a notice usually delivered to classrooms during homeroom. Students are allowed to change the date of the Saturday if they have a legitimate excuse and get permission from the SIA's beforehand. students who do not serve assigned Saturday Schools are suspended. Students who repeatedly violate the rules will lose their district permit.

Teachers have the right to assign detentions and Saturday Schools for other reasons not outlined as per course syllabi. Teachers also may suspend any pupil from class for a calendar day or more pending a parent conference. Teachers may allow students to make up work missed during the length of suspension, but are not required to provide make up work for students suspended.

Reasons for suspension and expulsions as outlined in California Ed Code 48900:

  1. caused, attempted to cause physical injury to another person
  2. possessed a weapon, dangerous object, or item that resembles a weapon
  3. possessed, sold, or under the influence of a controlled substance
  4. arranged to sell or buy a controlled substance
  5. committed or attempted to commit robbery or extortion
  6. caused or attempted to cause damage to school or private property
  7. stole or attempted to steal school or private property
  8. possessed or used tobacco or products containing tobacco
  9. committed an obscene act or engage in habitual profanity
  10. possessed, offered, arranged to sell drug paraphernalia
  11. disrupted school activities or defied the valid authority of school personnel
  12. knowingly received stolen property
  13. possessed an imitation firearm
  14. committed or attempted to commit sexual harassment, assault or battery
  15. harassed, threatened or intimidated a pupil

Students may be suspended for committing any of the above mentioned acts while on school grounds, on a lunch permit, off campus, or at a school sponsored activity.

Hall Passes:
Students excused from class by the teacher are expected to have the teacher sign the back of their dayplanner and carry the dayplanner with them while on the errand. Students who are teacher assistants are expected to wear a badge. Students without a badge or hall pass may receive a detention.

Students are expected to be in all classes daily unless excused. Excused absences include reasons such as:

  1. illness
  2. death in the immediate family
  3. college visits
  4. school activity- field trip

Parents should write a note excusing the absence and deliver or have the student deliver to the attendance office. Parents may also call the attendance office if they prefer (Pat Najera 562-926-5566 x22310). Absences must be cleared within 3 days or will become unexcused. Students with unexcused absences are required to serve detention or Saturday School. Teachers may or may not allow students to make up work if the absence is unexcused.

Students with legitimate appointments during the school day (dentist, doctor, etc.) should check out through the attendance office and check in to the attendance office. Parents should call the attendance office, write a note to the attendance office, or report to the attendance office to pick up a student.

Students who will be absent for extended periods of time (one week or more) should notify the attendance office in advance. They should also coordinate with their Grade Level Advisor to work out makeup assignments.

Seniors are allowed to leave campus for lunch on Fridays if they are cleared with an outside lunch pass. Seniors must also have their student ID cards so that the SIA's are able to easily identify them.

Students who leave items in their cars during the school day, must ask for permission from the SIA's or the attendance office before going out to the parking lot unaccompanied.

Students are required to have their student ID cards for textbooks. Griselda Hidalgo (in the library) issues textbooks to students at the beginning of each year. Students are responsible for any books issued to them and must pay for lost books. Textbooks should be covered at all times and students may receive a detention for books that are not covered.

Finance Office:
The ASB Bookkeeper, Sharon McKee, is located in the Financial Office next to the Attendance Office. Students who are involved in club fundraisers should turn in all money collected to the Financial Office daily. Students should go to the Financial Office to:

  1. buy tickets to events
  2. turn in money from fundraisers
  3. replace ID cards
  4. buy yearbooks
  5. turn in fair share donations for athletics
  6. turn in receipts to be reimbursed for authorized expenses

WHS Website:
The Whitney website features regularly updated information about college news and other important events. The website's address is

Parking Lot:
Seniors who drive are allowed to park in the campus parking lot. Each senior space is numbered. Seniors hold a lottery at the beginning of each year and each participating senior's lottery number is their car's designated parking space. Staff cars are parked in spaces marked specifically for staff. Underclassmen are allowed to park in the spaces not marked. Students who park in staff spaces risk being towed. Students park in the lot at their own risk. WHS assumes no responsibility.

Students are encouraged to use the laptops, computers, and other equipment available on campus for school related research and projects. Students are expected to be careful with the equipment and to treat it respectfully.

Students are encouraged to sign up for the free schoolwide TCCI program because this enables them to receive e-mail messages from school personnel about important news and events. For more information, see Mary Pinedo in the College Career Center and/or the Grade Level Advisors.

Students who misuse or mistreat the equipment will not be allowed future access and will be financially responsible for replacing damaged machines. Students who access inappropriate websites or use school machines for other illegitimate purposes will be suspended, possibly arrested, and possibly recommended for expulsion.