P.E. Handbook


P.E. Staff:

Mr. Ednoff

Mr. Crissman

Ms. Flowers

Rita Jimenez - Gym Attendant

P.E. Office: (562) 229-7749

Welcome to Whitney's Physical Education program. Physical education programs should help students develop a lifelong commitment to their own physical well being health, and fitness, with clear emphasis on a variety of physical activities and an active lifestyle. An effective physical education program balances and contributes to a student's academic learning.

Neither winning nor losing is the goal of physical education. It is important to make the most of one's physical potential and capabilities in a positive meaningful way.


GOAL: Movement, Skill and Movement Knowledge

GOAL: Self-Image and Personal Development

GOAL: Social Development

GOAL: Physical Fitness and Proper Nutrition


  1. Do not leave any valuables (especially money) or personal belongings unlocked!
  2. Students should be in the locker room at the beginning of the regular class time, get dressed
    and go sit on their assigned numbers. No changing clothes outside of the locker room. Students found in the hallway will be given a referral.
  3. Student should be sitting quietly on their assigned numbers on the blacktop five minutes after class starts, otherwise you will be marked tardy. You may bring a towel to sit on, however, sharing towels is not allowed. Remain on your number until you are instructed by your teacher to begin physical activity.
  4. Leave all equipment in the cart. If you prefer to bring your own equipment make sure it is allowed and your name is clearly marked on the item. Put all equipment back in the cart or designated area when finished.
  5. Students will be given a minimum of five minutes to dress at the end of the period. After changing go outside and wait behind the red line until the end of the period. Any student going into the hallway early will be given a referral.
  6. No eating, drinking (except water), or chewing gum during class,


Each student will wear a uniform which consists of the following:

  • Whitney H.S. T-shirt
  • Whitney H.S. shorts
  • Tied athletic shoes with no heel
  • White or black socks

If a student forgets his/her P.E. clothes, loaners are available from Rita. Three loaners per semester are allowed.

Your clothes should be marked in the following way:

  • Shirts should have your first name only
  • Shorts will be marked on the lower left leg, last name only

Student should wear their own uniforms only! Any student who wears another student's clothes will receive a non-suit. P.E. clothes need to be taken home to be washed on Fridays and brought back clean on Mondays. Dirty clothes may result in loss of a point.


  • Black, gray or white sweats in cold weather (under 70°F)
  • Sweatshirts worn underneath Whitney H.S. shirts in cold weather


Each student is to play fair, demonstrate good sportsmanship, have a positive attitude, and refrain from put-downs and foul language. Please respect the rights and individuality of each person in your class.

No horseplay or loud noise is allowed in the locker room or on the numbers. This includes running, standing on the benches, kicking lockers or equipment, chasing others, screaming or yelling.


Students are encouraged not to tell their lockers combinations to anyone! It is your responsibility to keep your locker locked. Any student tampering with anything in the locker room (i.e. locks, lockers, faucets, coke-machine, other student's personal items, etc) will be given a detention and a referral.


If a student is unable to participate due to illness or injury, the student should bring a note from a parent. Any student who cannot participate for more than three days must bring a doctor's note. The doctor's note should be specific about which activities are not allowed. A typed report may be used to make up points only in the case of a long-term injury or illness. Students are still required to dress out daily.

Participation points will include progressive improvement on the daily run. Warm-ups include stretching and the following exercises.

Jumping Jacks Crunches Push-ups
1st Quarter 13-min. mile
4:00 min. lap
20 4 4
2nd Quarter 12-min. mile
3:45 min. lap
20 6 6
3rd Quarter 11-min. mile
3:30 min. lap
20 8 8
4th Quarter 10:30-min. mile
3:15 min. lap
20 10 10

Stretch - Tricep (2), Quadriceps, and Hamstring


Students will be allowed up to three excused absences per Quarter. For each tardy, student will lose a point.


Students earn two points per day. One point for dressing out, being on time and exercising. One point is for participation.

Grade Scale

90-100 A
80-89 B
70-79 C
65-69 D
0-64 F

Student will demonstrate a positive attitude and good sportsmanship in all P.E. activities.


Each student will spend one quarter focusing on the cognitive component of Physical Education as defined in the State Framework. This unit will also include the mandated California State Physical Fitness Tests, basic rhythms, aerobics, and proper nutrition.


90° - 94° -- Modified warm-ups on the grass. No mile/laps.

95° & over -- Physical activity will not be required.