Bus Schedule

In order to ride the bus to and from school, please meet your bus at the appropriate corner in your neighborhood and the bus driver will give you the necessary paperwork to fill out.

Thank you very much.

Route #32

Morning Bus Pick Up Route

7:01 AM Studebaker & 166th (SW corner)
7:09 AM Studebaker & South (100ft. from SW corner)
7:11 AM 195th & Studebaker (SE corner)
7:13 AM 195th & Gridley (SE corner)
7:16 AM Del Amo & Los Coyotes (200ft. from NE corner)
7:21 AM Centralia & Gridley (SE corner)
7:23 AM Pioneer & 215th (NW corner)
7:28 AM Carson & Norwalk (SE corner)
7:31 AM Bloomfield & Centralia (NE corner)
7:36 AM Norwalk & Del Amo (NE corner)
7:38 AM Norwalk & 195th (300ft. from SE corner)
7:40 AM 195th & Bloomfield (200ft. from WW corner)
7:45 AM Whitney  

Afternoon Bus Drop Off Route

Bloomfield & 195th (SW corner)
Bloomfield & Centralia (SW corner)
Carson & Norwalk (NW corner)
Pioneer & 215th (NE corner)
Pioneer & Centralia (NE corner)
Del Amo & Pioneer (SE corner)
Norwalk & Del Amo (NE corner)
195th & Norwalk (NW corner)
195th & Gridley (NE corner)
195th & Studebaker (NE corner)
Studebaker & South (100ft. from SE corner)
Studebaker & 166th (SE corner)
166th & Gridley (SW corner)
Artesia & Gridley (50ft. from SE corner)