Expected School-Wide Learning Results

Complex Thinkers who:
  • will be prepared to enter a four year college or university
  • demonstrate abstract conceptual thinking
  • demonstrate skills and concepts in a variety of problem solving situations
  • develop an understanding of the symbolic language of mathetmatics and the sciences
  • remain current with developments in technology
Collaborative Workers who:
  • demonstrate self-directed study habits
  • contribute to a safe and positive environment
  • utilize research skills
Community Participants who:
  • make a positive contribution with others
  • function together in a multi-cultural society
  • appreciate contributions of others
  • respect diversity
  • acquire an appreciation of the arts
Effective Communicators who:
  • demonstrate appropriate interpersonal skills
  • develop self-confidence, personal strengths and integrity
  • convey ideas through coherent and focused essays
  • read and understand grade-level appropriate material
  • develop effective presentation and communication skills