Chinese Club

Hey Guys! Have you ever wanted to bond with your fellow Chinese classmates? Do you LOVE Chinese Food? Then you should join Chinese Club, the perfect way to finally learn about Chinese culture through various food sales, performances, and activities. Every year Chinese club is renowned for its talent show performance, spirit, and enthusiastic members. If you play a Chinese instrument or know Chinese folk dancing, then this is the place to strut your stuff! For those who have not yet acquired those skills (that's the majority, guys!) then this is the perfect opportunity to meet and learn new talents! ANd during the summer, you can have fun with our many activities, such as a TOfu Festival, special performances, or you can be a part of our WORLD CHAMPION Dragon boating team. What? Don't know what dragon boating is? Well, thats why you should join! So during Club Registration week, don't forget to sign up for Chinese Club and get ready for a fun year!

Marjean Swann

Gloria Tu

Room 32