Club Kaibigan

In September of 1984, Filipino students at Whitney High School came together and establish and organization known today as "Club Kaibigan". This organization which means "Friend's Club" in tagalog was founded by students who wanted to share their rich culture at their school and in their communities. Today the filipino community comprises the largest Asian Pacific group in America, California, and the Los Angeles County, yet very little is known about the people and their contributions to society, even by young filipinos in America. Club Kaibigans mission- to create greater awareness and understanding of the Pilipino- aims to dispel the negative stereotypes of the filipino by replacing them with positive images, especially ones of the youth. Unity and friendship is what Club Kaibigan is all about, we dance, we sing, we play, and we strive to honor the name that sixteen percent of the population of Cerritos holds as Filipinos.

Debra Logan

Loretta Estalilla